Plant Care Service

Do your plants need to be watered while you are away? We can take care of that!

Our plant sitters can come to your home and tend to your green companions. Whether you’re away for 1 week or 6 months, we offer a plant care plan that caters to your (and your plant’s) needs.

Regular Maintenance Plan

Want to keep your plants healthy and thriving? We can craft a tailored plant maintenance plan for you.

This is great for anyone looking for extended plant care, including commercial businesses. We enjoy partnering with business to keep their work environment looking welcoming and their plants happy.

Planting and Re-potting

Are your plant roots getting enough space? Our repotting services can ensure that they are!

Our green friends love to grow and we love to watch them bloom. But they can get cramped in their old pots and are not able to send out a distress signal until it is much too late. Providing a comfortable, spacious home is often key to your plat having a long, healthy life.

See our COVID-19 update for information about our in-home safety and care practices

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We are currently only servicing Austin, TX and the surrounding areas.
Please check back later for updates about new service areas.