Filtered Water for Your Houseplants

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Filtered Water for Your Houseplants?

Filtered Water for Your Houseplants

The most important way to sustain life is through water. Like humans, plants also thrive off water. The quality of water you give to your plants can make the difference between them being happy and healthy or constantly struggling. Plant parents may find themselves in a predicament where they are doing everything right. Their plants are in the right spot for light, they’re pest free, and receiving adequate amounts of water, yet the leaves have yellow and brown spots and the plant seems to be suffering. Not to fret, there can be many causes of these symptoms. If you have ruled out everything else you may want to consider filtered water.

The quality of your water can affect the health of your plants

Filtered water can be defined as distilled water, purified water or rainfall water. The good news is that most houseplants are fine with tap water and do not have any adverse reactions to it. However, there are some plants that are sensitive to minerals and chemicals in tap water. Depending on where you’re located some tap water can be harsher than others.

Some plants are sensitive to minerals and chemicals in water so using filtered water can be a lifesaver for them

HousePlantSitter Care Tips for Plants that prefer Filtered Water

Dracaena Plant 

Go to any of your local plant nurseries and you will be sure to see a variety of Dracaenas in the tropical plant section. They make wonderful statement plants and can grow to be very tall. They enjoy humid environments and filtered water. Watering Dracaenas with tap water can cause brown and yellow spots due to the presence of fluoride and chloramine present in tap water. 

Peace Lily 

Peace Lilies are a timeless plant and a fan favorite. Plant parents enjoy seeing the white flower’s bloom and the dark shiny evergreen leaves. What makes a peace lily most happy is filtered water. While they can withstand tap water overtime, you may notice their leaves begin to yellow and brown. This is caused by the chlorine and fluoride found in most tap water. Consistent use of poor quality water can cause severe thirst in Peace Lilies and result in dramatic wilting.

Prayer Plants 

Prayer plants are striking, velvety to touch with lines of bright fuchsia and green. These houseplants are great trailing plants and make a great addition to any space in the house. Just leave them with room to grow and they will gladly travel. To keep the bright vibrant colors of the prayer plant, water them with filtered water. The salt and chlorine in tap water is too harsh for these plants.

Spider Plant 

Spider plants make great hanging plants. They can grow large and wide making it a great centerpiece houseplant. Spider plants can tolerate tap water for a long duration, but for optimal care filtered water is the way to go. Over time tap water will cause spider plants to have brown tips and frail leaves. 

Poor quality tap water can heavily affect the health of most houseplants

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